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Communication Cards (All ages)

38 full-colour cards, for exploring verbal and non-verbal behaviour. Students who understand their communication styles are more effective in their relationships. How do you  communicate? Does your communication style change depending on the situation? How well do you read the cues of others? Which cards represent your favourite characters in books? The Communication Cards are […]

The Anger Management Kit for ages 11-18

This complete anger management kit consists of seven resources which include session plans, activities, books, cards, games, CD Rom and posters, all for ages 11 to 18. These various resources teach young people to recognise the triggers of anger and channel it into safe outcomes. The kit contains 7 different resources including: 3 Steps to […]

All About Anxiety Discussion Cards

We live in a fast-moving world and anxiety levels are reportedly high. These cards give the users an opportunity to consider what they believe to be some of the causes of anxiety, to think about possible sources of help and to learn that worry can sometimes be positive. Benefits Discuss possible causes of anxiety Understand […]

All About Body Language

Body language is a fascinating subject: body positions and poses tell others far more than they realise. The way we position our arms and hands give clues about the way we eel, so it is really important that young people are aware of the messages they are giving out. The cards present a series of […]

How to Manage Children?s Challenging Behaviour

In this new edition of his bestselling book, Bill Rogers brings together contributions from practising teachers that suggest ways to tackle disruptive and challenging behaviour.  The direct, practical and inspirational nature of these accounts will resonate with all teachers and school support staff working with any age group. Based on the everyday experiences of the teachers who have […]