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The New Culture of Therapeutic Activity with Older People

Once viewed as entertainment, activity provision is increasingly being seen as of therapeutic value and an integral part of quality care practice. This change has been so rapid and far-reaching that many staff teams have been left behind, attempting to address new culture requirements with old culture knowledge. This book clarifies and illuminates the changes […]

Strength Cards for Kids (NEW Edition)

With 40 brand new illustrations and 14 new strengths statements, we hope the third edition of Strength Cards for Kids will bring delight to children and adults alike, and will help build a culture of strengths wherever they go. Strength Cards for Kids has a simple message: all children deserve to be recognised and celebrated […]

Talkabout (New Edition)

Talkabout 2nd Edition 60 activities and games for developing social skills By Alex Kelly Talkabout and Talkabout Activities has now been replaced by this massive 330 page Talkabout 2nd Edition which comes complete with additional online material, available to download to print out and use. This edition is specifically designed to develop the social skills […]

Sensitive New Age Cavepersons

Through the ages men have been called upon  to juggle an array of roles—partner, father, son,  brother, colleague, friend, confidant. The Sensitive  New Age Cavepersons card set invites reflection and discussion about the pressures and stresses faced by modern men as they undertake a myriad of roles and responsibilities. Each comical Neolithic character invites rich […]

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